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David DesAutels

Managing Director

Over 35 years of domestic and international oil and gas experience in both geoscience and engineering.

Jacob DesAutels

Chief Financial Officer

Texas Certified Public Accountant
with extensive background in financial management within E&P and oilfield service companies.

Minimize worry, maximize profit.


Our extensive background in global upstream operations gives us the knowledge we need to spot areas for improvement and recommend action to increase performance.


Our fee structure is flexible and can either be fixed, tied to a percentage of production volumes, or a combination, depending on the nature of the property.


We serve:


Operators who lack the time and resources for non-operated property management.

Private parties and investment groups who need additional knowledge or resources to efficiently manage their oil and gas interests. This can include individuals, financial and investment groups, operators and universities.

Companies and investors who need help with taxes on domestic or international oil and gas properties.